•   The day begins with the assembly where students take turn to read good news from the bible. There is news reading and
     thought for the day is given. Students are motivated to be good and well behaved. The headmistress addresses them often
     to inspire students to learn values.

•   There is “NIE –i.e. Newspaper in Education” is given importance. Students get NIE newspaper every day and the reading
     habit is developed.

•   The students participate in athletic competitions. There are teams of Net ball, hockey, which are active and students go
     for inter-school matches and come out with success.

•   Awareness programmes are conducted.

•   Health checks up programmes (on different level) take place. Talk on health awareness is delivered once in every term.

•   A celebration of festivals is also given importance. Independence Day, Teacher’s day, Karnataka Rajyothsava, Children’s
    day etc are celebrated. Children participate with energy and involvement in all the activities.

•   During project work or exhibition, the students make a lot of effort to do everything with creativity.

•   Students are encouraged and supported to learn art and craft which helps them to develop their imagination and creativity.