School prayer

O glorious st. Anthony, who did enjoy the sweet privilege of receiving into your arms The infant jesus’ and in whom the power of working miracles shines, forth among the other gifts of god, we beseech you to tack us under your powerful protection, have pity upon us and more to our aid,Cleanse our hearts from every disorderly affliction and obtain for us a true contrition for our sins, and a great love of god and of our neighbor.

  Prayer before studies

O god, you are all wise and loving. Bless our studies which we offer you. Enlighten our minds, strengthen our memory and direct our will towards what is right and grant us your grace to speak the truth always and make us truly wise.

  Prayer after studies

God almighty, we thank you for our lessons today and for the knowledge and wisdom we have acquired. Give us the grace to retain all that we have studied and help us to grow in true wisdom.

  Prayer before examination

O god enlightens our minds, strengthen our memory and bless us to do well in the examination. Keep us healthy in mind and body all through our examination..

  A teacher’s prayer

Each time, before i face my class
I hesitate a while,
And ask the father,” Help me lord to understand each child’’.
Help me to see in every one
A precious soul most dear,
And may i lead that child
Through paths of wonder not fear
“Dear father as they look to me for guidance and truth
I look to thee and humbly ask
That thou will teach me too”