Investiture Ceremony

The Investiture ceremony is the first celebration in a school. It is usually scheduled in the first month of June, beginning of the every academic year. Investiture ceremony is one of the most important events of any school. It is here that we entrust faith and hope in our newly appointed school council.

The Students Council induction is a memorable day for all office bearers, a proud moment to stand as leaders before their fellow mates. The school commences the scholastic year with pomp and aura of the Investiture Ceremony of the Student’s Council. The members of the council don on smart, formal apparel, who introduce themselves to shoulder their responsibilities.

The chief guest leads them to the oath taking ceremony and enables the leaders, realize their responsibilities and to be humane. The solemn occasion prevails as the badges are pinned by the chief guest of the day and the speeches of assurance by the head boy and the head girl. Thereafter the Fine Arts Club hosts cultural events like dance, drama, mime, group singing etc….

“Leaders are the role models who inspire the followers and motivate them to reach the target of success”   St.Antony public school has been always inspired by the vision of its founder that every child that comes to this temple of learning must be person filled with knowledge, fear of God, respect to the elders, respecting the rules and regulations of this education portal, love and reverence to parents and love for the nation. The students are the torch – bearers of tomorrow. Therefore, nurturing them and fostering in them a sense of self-respect, self discipline, the capacity to enjoy life as independent, self – motivated adults and the willingness to care for others are extremely pertinent.