NIE meet held in Lalitha Ashok hotel on 21th November 2013 for the discussion of promotion of science in which would be a best science platform for teaching science in an interesting way with the association of Science Ustav. It was all about how to make science more meaningful and interesting and make the students more research minded and enjoy science. Principals and the science teachers from various schools were invited for this special occasion.

The chair person for this occasion wasDr. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, the Biocon icon a lady whom India was proud to represent, the CEO of Biocon, who is known as the most influential person outside Europe and USA, she received Prestigious awards, the Padma shri award at the age of 35 years in 1989 and Padma Bushan award in 2005 for her pioneering efforts in industrial biotechnology.

Today’s students are known as “Thei-pad generation” where most of the learning process is through technology.Dr. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw was a well known Indian icon. She was an ex-student of bishop cotton girls school (Bangalore) and finished her higher studies in aboard presented herself with a warm and a welcoming smile, addressing her view about the education and technological uses in education. According to Dr. Kiran Mazumdar “All challenges are high points. Failing is only temporary, but quitting is permanent. It’s okay to fail and pick up the pieces to start again, but if you quit its suicide”. And also gave us a feed back of how students of today’s generation are tech suave and teacher has to be improvised on this aspect. Dr. Kiran gave an inspirational speech about education in today’s generation.

Along with the chief guest there was two other resource peopleMr.ShashankKarnam the Director and co-ordinator of Science utsav and Mr.SupreethKittenkereshowed some simple experiment for a complicated topics and also gave us an innovative ideas to make science a fun learning subject.

As the representatives of the school Principal Rev. Sis.MarianiBanu, Science co-ordinate Miss. Steffi Norris and the NIE in chargeMrs. Jacinthahave attended meeting and this meet was very much beneficial not only in academic but also in environmental issues, the experiments that were conducted in explaining the bernoulli’s experiment was very much interesting. From this we had got lots of ideas just by using just the house hold products.Lots of scientific concept can be explained through these experiments. Apart from academic we also got some idea for waste management, which can be implemented in our school without investments.